4 Fun Outdoor Activities to do with Your Child this Weekend

While your child’s physical therapy appointments can include plenty of fun games and activities, we also recommend getting in some playtime together as a family. Our physical therapy team wants to help make sure that your kids are enjoying lots of fun in the sun with their loved ones this year! One way to help make sure your children have fun and get in a great physical-therapy style workout is to plan a few interesting activities ahead of time. From group adventures to solo jaunts with mom, there’s sure to be a few entertaining activities that you can both enjoy! Keep reading to see some of our physical therapist’s best recommendations for summertime outdoor activities that the whole family will love.

1. Capture the Flag

This classic outdoor game is great for parties or warm summer days with a slight breeze to help keep players cool. You’ll need at least six players to make things interesting, but you can always improvise by letting parents join in on each team! Next, you’ll need two pieces of fabric in different colors and something to map out two adjoining playing courts at about 12′ X 12′. Divide your group into two teams, placing a flag on the back line of each court. From the flag line, players will then try to work their way to the other side of the field and capture the flag, bringing it home to their court. First team to bring it home wins!

2. Volunteer

Show your youngsters just how important it is to give back to their community and help others this summer. There are many towns that would love a few sets of helping hands to help them spruce up their outdoor spaces this year. Toddlers can play and learn about the importance of pulling weeds, and older kids can plant seeds or bulbs. Additionally, animal-rescue organizations may be looking for volunteers to help them walk and play with pets outdoors as well.

3. Plan a Treasure Hunt

If you’ve got some time to kill in between your child’s next physical therapy appointment and want a great excuse to get them up and moving outside, then a treasure hunt will help! Start by shopping for inexpensive and kid-friendly trinkets on your next trip to the dollar store or simply grab items from around the house, and hide them outdoors. Next, create a treasure map with directions that are easy to follow — with a little help from Mom and Dad of course.

4. Take Up a New Hobby

Our physical therapist knows that learning new skills is an important part of development for your children. So why not make good use of your free time this summer by enrolling yourself and your child in one or more physical-therapist approved classes like pottery, horseback riding or even dance classes? Your kids will love to see you participating in the quest to master a new skill and you can enjoy some of the physical-therapy related rewards of putting in hard work with a few great outdoor activities too.

Outdoor Activities Make Physical Therapy Fun!

Outdoor activities make physical therapy exercise seem like playtime and help your kids to learn in new ways. You can try something simple and easy or challenge them with new social situations as well, just as long as fun is the main focus every day.

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