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  • Thank you so much for letting me both shadow and work at Sensational Kidz Therapy. I was able to learn so much about physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. You have so much compassion for your patients, and you always seem to work day and night for them. I admire your work, as the head of not one, but two physical therapy clinics. Thank you so much for trusting me and thank you for allowing me to shadow here.

    Sarah Placke

  • B. Martin takes speech and has improved fastly with her talking. She really loves her speech teacher! We come twice a week! The staff is very nice and works with us (parents) to make the appointments the best for us. The facility is very nice and keep clean! Very nice people!

    J. Martin

  • Sensational Kidz Therapy is a wonderful place. Easy to find on internet. I was very pleased how quickly they offered us evaluations for our twins. Within just 3 weeks we already scheduled our first sessions and kids love it. Both our twins love their therapists and we are already seeing huge improvement. The scheduling is so easy and we are happy that they have managed to schedule us for days that kids aren’t at school. We do speech and OT sessions and I am grateful that our therapists are so informative and give lots of tips and advice on how to watch kids at home.

    Ms. Berghauser

  • My son has autism and he has been seeing and OT and speech therapists here in Sensational Kidz for around 6 months and I am very pleased. He has been learning and blooming a lot. The therapists are great, very affectionate, Patient, knowledgeable and caring. I look forward to keep seeing him thriving. I appreciate how accommodating they are with schedule and helpful when there is a change. I wish they have more hours during the week for working parents, but I know they are trying to offer the most they can. If there were more space to do therapy after 5:00pm we would bring him in more often but so far with the current schedule, at least I have seen him improve a lot. I am very happy with that.

    Ms. Toledo

  • Tisoa was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at nine months which makes it difficult to walk, stand or move her arms and legs without assistance.  Per her Physician’s recommendations Tisoa needs some physical and occupational therapy to help her to improve her overall health on those health problem.  I have enrolled Tisoa to Sensational kids Therapy in Woodbridge since 2016 and I would take her there at least once a week to follow some physical and occupational therapy.  Since we have been working with the therapist within that center, Tisoa has made lots of progress and is now able to move her legs and hands a lot.  These days Tisoa has a strong capacity to move on both legs and hands and would be able to roll out and could use her legs like a normal kids.  The therapy handled by Sensational kids are very outstanding and very encouraging to bring my child there all time. The staff are very devoted and professional in their work. I would like to highly appreciate Sensational kids in Woodbridge for their care and intention to the customer not only for the therapy that our kids may need but they are very friendly and help out the customer for their real needs.

    I would recommend other parents who may have CP children to take them to Sensational kids, they are very efficient and professional as I see these days lots of positive changes on my little daughter Tisoa’s overall physical health.

    Solonirina H Ranaivojaona

  • Sensational Kidz is a great company to work with. The staff is very curteous and professional. My 8 year old son received occupational and speech therapy from this company and he has a great relationship with all of his therapists. He has not been receiving therapy for tool long however there is already improvement in his behavior and focus. I find the flexibility that this agency employs towards the scheduling invaluable. I have worked with other agencies and this is one of the best experiences thus far. I highly recommend them.

    P. Davidson

  • We love coming to physical therapy and have seen huge improvements in my child. The staff is just wonderful and we always feel welcomed in the clinic. The therapists are great at getting my little one to do the exercises. When we came my little one couldn’t even crawl, now they are crawling and almost walking. The things we learn here we will use for years to come.

    Mrs. Rodgers

  • Sensational Kidz Therapy has convenient scheduling for my child’s physical and occupational therapy appointments. Her therapists are kind, gentle and always willing to provide feedback on how she is doing. We have seen wonderful improvements.

    S. Jones

  • My son loves miss Monique, the speech therapist. He has made a lot of progress. Thank you for everything.

    Ms. Santilian

  • My child has received therapy for approximately 1 1/2 years. His sessions have always been on time and progress of each session is discussed along with homework for continuity of services. Overall I am satisfied with Sensational Kidz Therapy services.

    G. Brown

  • My child has been going to Sensational Kidz for several months and has been receiving OT, PT and SLP services from then to now, there are marked improvements in all areas, which I’m happy to see.

    F. Jackson

  • Our daughter has been taking speech therapy since fall 2017 and recently also started occupational therapy a few weeks ago at Sensational Kidz. Her therapists have been very professional and are great with children. We have noticed dramatic improvement in our daughters skills since she began with Sensational Kidz.


  • Our experience with Sensational Kidz has been amazing. The therapists are experienced, professional and compassionate. My daughter has made huge improvements in our short time here. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication that the staff provides.


  • The sensational Kidz Therapy is the best place to take your kids. I see lots of change for my son, they help him with therapy. All the employees are sweet and care about my son. I would like to be here all the time.


  • The staff are very friendly and helpful. Thank you very much for you help.


  • Very satisfied with the focus and goal completion of my son’s sessions. His therapist explained his situation in laymans terms and openly discussed his progression until discharge. Thank you.

    Mr. Linton

  • I’ve been a patient of Sensational Kidz Therapy for 2—3 years now. The People there are awesome! I’ve been to a lot of places for therapy, but this one is the best hands down! The office personnel are very friendly and efficient. For the most part, I’ve worked with Kavita. I had a stroke in 2005, and up until now, She’s got the most knowledge and the best therapy techniques of just about anyone I’ve ever seen. I would recommend this place over all of the places that I’ve ever been to. Also my Mother is a patient there, and Mary has done a fantastic
    job with Her!

    Mark L.

  • l am soon to be 85 years old. I became ill and bed bound in Nov 2016. I received therapies from 2 rehab facilities and therapy from 1 home health company, no one has given me the independence that you have been able to do. You all have been so caring, understanding and motivational for me. You have made me stronger physically and mentally. I have gained more independence with hygiene, meal prep and walking. Mentally l have the ability to call, write and visit my family and friends. (With the help of my caregiver). Again I wanted to say thank you to everyone and I look forward to continuing my therapies with everyone.

    Hazel G