Sensational Kidz Is Your #1 Choice for Kids Therapy In Virginia

Sensational Kidz Therapy is dedicated exclusively to providing exceptional pediatric physical therapy  services to all children and their families. Our approach is unique in that we treat each individual as a whole and not by parts.


No one has given me the independence that you have been able to do. You all have been so caring, understanding and motivational for me. You have made me stronger physically and mentally. I have gained more independence with hygiene, meal prep and walking.

Hazel G

When we came my little one couldn’t even crawl, now they are crawling and almost walking. The things we learn here we will use for years to come.

Mrs. Rodgers

Speech therapy has helped quickly improve her talking!

J. Martin

We have noticed dramatic improvement in our daughters skills since she began with Sensational Kidz.


My daughter has made huge improvements in our short time here.


The People there are awesome! I’ve been to a lot of places for therapy, but this one is the best hands down!

Mark L.

My son loves miss Monique, the speech therapist. He has made a lot of progress. Thank you for everything.

Ms. Santilian

He has been learning and blooming a lot. The therapists are great, very affectionate, patient, knowledgeable and caring. I look forward to keep seeing him thriving.

Ms. Toledo

We do speech and OT sessions and I am grateful that our therapists are so informative and give lots of tips and advice on how to watch kids at home.

Ms. Berghauser

The Sensational Kidz Therapy is the best place to take your kids. I see lots of change for my son, they help him with therapy.


There is already improvement in his behavior and focus.

P. Davidson

Her therapists are kind, gentle and always willing to provide feedback on how she is doing. We have seen wonderful improvements.

S. Jones

Tisoa was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at nine months which makes it difficult to walk, stand or move her arms and legs without assistance. Tisoa has made lots of progress and is now able to move her legs and hands a lot. 

Solonirina H Ranaivojaona

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